Stylish Meets Delicious

With over 10 years experience in award winning gastronomy, CCS has built an outstanding

reputation as the region’s leading corporate and hospitality, catering providers and handlers.

The success of CCS is backed by the expertise of its 100 plus strong staff, including International

Chefs and a state-of-the-art kitchen, with strict adherence to HACCP guidelines. Blending our team’s

vast experience, with world class chefs and the freshest of ingredients, we work with you

to create the finest gourmet experience, guaranteed to impress any palate.


At CCS, our top priority is to exceed expectations in every way. 
Attention to detail, coupled with unrivaled customer service, is what makes CCS 
an industry forerunner for any catering service.


Name the milestone, describe the mood you want to create and sit back and relax as you 
watch Cater Catering Services take care of every detail ensuring your event runs smoothly. 
From a private yacht dinner, to an elaborate five star event, our team can help you navigate the 
daunting task of ensuring every guest leaves satisfied.

CSS are continuously striving to better themselves as a company; keeping up to date with the 
evolving world of catering and cuisine, improving the quality of food provided and striving to improve 
the impeccable catering service delivered time and time again.


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